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Parkside Ltd was founded in 1979 and in the 35+ years of activity has encountered almost any problem regarding cleaning and sanitation you could think of. In addition to our own in-house experience we also have access to experts and knowledge data banks in companies in Ireland and the UK. If you would like to discuss any issue regarding manual cleaning, mechanical cleaning, equipment, utensils or sanitising, meet our team who like to be challenged with new situations and problem solving.


Mark. Specialist areas of knowledge, hotels, supermarket chains, nursing homes, cafe/restaurant groups. Phone 01-6268342 or email mark@parksideirl.com

Kevin. Specialist areas of knowledge, nursing homes, bakeries, food production industries. Phone 01-6268342 or email kevin@parksideirl.com

Ciaran. Specialist areas of knowledge, equipment, utensils, gadgets, procurement, paper products, etc. Phone 01-6268342 or email ciaran@parksideirl.com

Philip. Specialist areas of knowledge, industrial scale cleaning, manufacturing industry, colleges, etc. Phone 01-6268342 or email philip@parksideirl.com

Declan. Specialist areas of knowledge, industrial chemistry, legislation, training, cleaning procedures and schedules, infection control, health & safety, etc. Phone 01-6268342 or email declan@parksideirl.com

Lorcan. Specialist areas of knowledge, hospitality industry, hotels, cafe/restaurant business, institutions, pubs and pub food production areas etc. Phone 01-6268342 or email lorcan@parksideirl.com


We have technicians,who are experienced and knowledgeable in their area of activity. Most dispensing equipment is "free on loan" and generally there are no "call out" charges.


On line ordering.
Deliveries are normally made on the day following order from our warehousing in Dublin and Cork, Monday to Friday. Other areas may take a little longer.
Safety Data Sheets. On line.
Specs/technical data, Product Guidance Sheets. On line.

To find out more about the correct use of any of the above, ring us today at ; 01-6268342 or e-mail; parkside@parksideirl.com

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Parkside - Irelands Leading Hygiene Specialists