Eco Label Products.

Range of Products includes ;

Kitchen, Floor Cleaning, Bathrooms, Hand Hygiene, Front of House and much more. Contact us for further details. Phone 01-6268342, e-mail ;

Amber Natural Degreaser. General Purpose Cleaner. Phosphate and nickel free. Dermatologically tested (human patch test)

Amber, Natural Degreaser, EcoLabel, Ideal in kitchens, removes greasy dirt. Dermatologically tested ( human patch test). Phosphate and nickel free.

Wash Plus detergent for manual dishwashing. . Colourless and fragrance free.

Wash Plus, Ecolabel , for manual dish and utensil washing. Colourless and fragrance free. No phosphates or nickel.

Descaler Plus,Removes limestone residues from polished kitchen surfaces and washing machine descaling. Phosphate and nickel free.

Grill cleaner. Natural degreaser for ovens cooker tops and grills. Colourless and fragrance free. Removes burnt grease.

Emerald easy. Concentrated universal detergent , excellent floor cleaner also suitable for scrubbing machines. Citrus scent, Ecolabel, clever 30 ml cap filling measure.

Concentrated universal floral scented detergent suitable for cleaning coated and non coated hard surfaces. No CLP pictograms or signage. Suitable for use in scrubbing machines. Phosphate and nickel free. 30ml filling cap.

Concentrated descaler ideal for bathroom and toilet. Diluted product is not classified as hazardous . 30ml filling cap. Phosphate and nickel free.

Pom WC , scented toilet cleaner based on organic acids. Phosphate and nickel free.

Lotion Cream, natural hands and body washing cream. Packed in 800 ml pouches, customised dosing equipment. Also available in 5 kg cans with dosing equipment.

Lotion Foam, natural hands and body washing foam. Packed in 800 ml pouches, customised dosing equipment.

Plus many other products for every aspect of the hospitality and catering industry. Talk to your local Parkside Rep who will advise on the options best suited to your business. Phone 01-6268342, email;