Food Safety Management.

Food Safety Management is an essential requirement for any business in the industry, irrespective of size and scale from “Farm to Fork”. There is a legal requirement to have a system in place such as HACCP, BRC or in-house and that records be kept for control measures , checks and dates. There needs to be Training for Procedures and adherence to Schedules. It can be a lot of hard work and we at Parkside Ltd. can help.

Parkside has every type of product including utensils, dispensing systems, detergents, sanitisers, polishes, paper products, ppe, equipment, schedules and procedures required to help you with all the prerequisites required to implement a fully operational HACCP system and create the presentation and ambiance that will appeal to your customers and keep your staff and customers safe.

For further information and guidance on HACCP/Quality System implementation contact Parkside Ltd. directly at; or phone 01-6268342 and ask for Quality Control.